Kittens everywhere!!!

I keep meaning to come back and update, and wondering why I used to be able to do so more often. Well, it finally hit me – duh – KITTEN SEASON!

First off, Feta is doing fine, though we have had pretty much zero progress on her bad 3rd leg. I will eventually write more on that. We’ve also been continuing our bathroom battles, and while I think I MAY have a good REAL solution, she occasionally expresses her displeasure with the setup. What she really wants is to be able to pee like a normal 4-legged (or even 3-legged) cat. Unfortunately, I can’t make that happen, so you just gotta work with me, Cheesecat!

“No I don’t.”

One cool update is we got a really wonderful custom portrait of Feta from! We posted on their Facebook and buy almost all of our supplies from there, and I guess as a loyalty reward they sent us this picture and one of my dog. How cool is that?

Meanwhile, as I alluded to, we have been fostering LOTS OF KITTIES. Kitten season is always really, really tough because there are far more needy babies than there are fosters willing/able to care for them. So here’s my standard shpiel: if you’ve ever even considered fostering, please consider a little bit harder 🙂 it’s not all that hard, it doesn’t take all that much space, and you are literally and directly saving lives by doing so. Plus, it is so much fun! You have to deal with some poop, but you get fluffy friends to cuddle with! It’s great!

Some of the residents we’ve had (some short term, some long term):

Mama and 8 kittens, “foster-sitting” (didn’t keep them the full time, thank goodness!)
Beautiful older kitten in need of socialization
Semi-feral mama and 4 kittens

These guys ended up having lice and ringworm, which, if you haven’t experienced it, is a super-fun contagious skin fungus that is treated by regular sulphur baths and meticulous sterlization protocols. So much fun.

“Halp! We iz tortured!”
These 6 beauties!
This little goober.

This guy I pulled off the street because it looked like his face was falling off and it turned out he was very clearly an (ex-)housecat and not a feral:

These little munchkins, probably my favorite kittens ever <3
These little monsters who are as energetic as they are wonderful. And affectionate. Very, very, energetically, affectionate.


These 3 boogers who came in with a nasty cold but recovered beautifully.

Honestly there may have been a couple of others that I’m just not remembering. But, yes, we’ve had a full and very busy house!

Generally Feta is Not Impressed by other cats, but she made exceptions with a few special ones.

Maybe because he was named Babka, after food?

So, there’s a trying-to-be-fast update, you can see we’ve had our paws full. But Feta continues to thrive, even if I sometimes feel like pulling my hair out!

When (if?) things settle down I will go into more detail about our PT and results 🙂