About Feta

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Feta Cat was found along the side of a road way back in early summer 2016. When Animal Control reached her, they saw she had a severely injured back leg as well as a litter of nursing kittens. Though it was clear that she would need more expensive medical care than the shelter was usually able to give, the decision was made to tap the special veterinary funds and give her a chance at a new life. Unfortunately, the only way to do so was to amputate her injured leg, which had become severely infected.

After many weeks living at a local vet clinic, where she dutifully raised her kittens while receiving extensive medical care, Feta Cat was deemed ready to return to the shelter.

Recognizing that living in a cage at the shelter would be terrible for her recovery, Feta Cat was sent into “short term” foster with me so she could be more closely monitored and have space to stretch her remaining legs.

Feta Cat right after she came home with me for the first time

After months of antibiotics and vet visits for abscesses that kept appearing near the amputation site, Feta was finally considered ready for adoption, and in early November a lovely family took her home!

Unfortunately, it soon became evident that her medical issues were more challenging than we’d previously thought. Despite a regimen of “passive range of motion” exercises and stretches, Feta was increasingly losing function in her remaining hind leg, which she dragged stiffly along underneath her like a furry ski! She was having trouble with the litterbox and becoming increasingly difficult to handle, and so her new family made the difficult decision to return her to the shelter, who then sent her back to me.

Feta, you have something on your… uh… er, nevermind.


I have now finally gotten permission to take Feta to a specialist, so Feta and I will soon be heading to a physical therapy evaluation session to see if we can restore some function to her remaining back leg.

It’s been a long journey so far, and the road ahead is likely to be difficult, but Feta is an incredibly sweet cat who deserves a healthy life, and I am determined to do everything I can to give it to her! Thank you for joining us on Feta Cat’s journey to mobility!

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