Feta Cat Goes to Foster

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Before Feta, I had been fostering a series of orphaned kittens and had never had a full-grown cat. However, since I was moving soon, after returning my last litter (to go into their new homes), I told the shelter that I couldn’t foster anymore until I got settled in my new apartment.

The next day, I went to volunteer and drop off some “unneeded” fostering supplies… and came home with a three-legged cat. Oops.

Who could resist those eyes?


I was to keep her “just for the weekend.” Ha! Didn’t quite work out like that!

The “foster quarantine room” (extra bathroom) was quickly cleaned and sanitized, and Feta Cat moved in. I knew nothing about her other than that she’d recently had a leg amputated and had been living at the vet’s office.

Feta shows off her new stump.

I immediately noticed two things – one, she is very friendly and kind, and two, she was having trouble with that remaining back leg:


Relieved that I hadn’t been stuck with an aggressive cat who wanted to eat me (especially since although I’ve raised a bunch of kittens, Feta is the first adult cat I’ve been responsible for!), I set about figuring out what she needed and working to get her comfortable in her new digs.


“Hello. I am Cat. You gives foods now, yes?”


She was (very, very carefully) introduced to my dog, a meeting which went surprisingly well!

“Hello, strange big-eared cat. You has foods?”


It became obvious that she was friendly – really, really friendly – and absolutely loved human attention! (As well as food. Really big on food.) At the vet’s suggestion, I worked on encouraging her to move around and get some exercise, especially with that weak hind leg. Feta was a great sport about it all!


All in all, Feta decided that she liked being in foster, and I decided that I liked her, too! For the moment, everything was going great!

“I will not chase this thing, but if you hold it for me, I will bat it with my paw until I grow bored and demand more interesting playthings.”


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4 thoughts on “Feta Cat Goes to Foster”

  1. OMG!!! Heaps of snort laughing here! (And recognition of being handed ” just one more”!!!)

    Feta is hilarious. Her very thoughtful captions that take in to consideration that you are not fully trained in her Feta ways yet are soooooo funny!

    She sounds adorable and I think you may have just met your match!

    Thank you for this. Fuuuuuunnnnnnny girl, Feta!

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