More on Feta’s Purrrsonality

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I’ve been so amazed and delighted by how many people (other than me) are rooting for Feta. Thank you, everyone, for your kind words and encouragement!

We’re plugging away at our leg rubs and stretches, but I thought I’d use this post to show a little more about Feta herself, the cat behind the weird missing/messed-up legs.

First, as I’ve mentioned before, she is an incorrigible glutton and an utterly shameless scavenger. Even with a cone on!!!

She tries to steal my food.

Hmm, notice anything suspicious about the bite pattern on this UNOPENED lunch meat?!

She tries to steal the dog’s food – even if she has to limp her way into his pen to get it!

“Kind of plastic-tasting, but I’ll take it.”


Not exactly a “speedy getaway,” but…

She even steals her own food – though, being a cat, she probably has limited understanding of “future selves” and the food she is taking from them.

“But I do understand that AUTO feeder means self-serve!!!!”

She is also remarkably patient and kind – while I am tempted to add, “for a cat,” she is much, much more forgiving than my dog, so I don’t want to be species-ist in my description! In general, she loves people, and is willing to put up with a lot of questionable human behaviors.

For example, Halloween costumes.

“Say one word and DIE. Eventually. Probably of old age, statistically speaking. Memento mori, valar morghulis, etc. I’m really nice so I’m just going to sit here looking stupid.”


Also, she has many handy uses around the house. Who needs Pillow when you can have Cat?

“Eh, whatever, you feed me, I’ll deal with it.”

However, despite her peculiarities and unusually-gentle temperament, she is still very much a Cat, and enjoys the traditional passtimes of her people.

For example, boxes.

“What mean, ‘throw away’? Dis thing my favorite!!!”

Climbing on things. (Also: being picky.)

“Heyyyy, I see you made me a nice bed in that box over there, so I decided to sit on this instead.”

Catnip!!!! And toys with catnip!!!! And more catnip!!!!! Anything with catnip!!!!!!

“Hehehehe the feathers taste like yellow!”

Toilet paper roll rings have been in the top 3 favorite toys of every single foster I’ve had, and Feta is no exception. Keeping it classy over here.


And, though she’s generally pretty lazy, she does – like most young cats – enjoy a good round of whappy-bitey-kicks with a good wand toy.

So, there you have it. A little peek into the (not actually very) secret life of Feta Cat. Tripawds – they’re just like us!! Watch out for future posts to get more physical therapy updates, a post on Feta’s super-duper-derpy faces, and how Feta gets along with other furry friends (including bonus cute kitten videos)!

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6 thoughts on “More on Feta’s Purrrsonality”

  1. FETA!!! FETA!!! FETA!!! You are loaded with personality sweet gal! Absolutely loaded!! 🙂

    It is so very clear you are not letting being a tripawd slow you down at all!!

    You really are wuite a sneaky little thief! ,You stay focused and never lose sight kf your goal! And usually your “goal” is all about food!!

    This is so much fun getting to know you better! Thanks kiddo!! Love the photos and videos! Keep ’em coming!!


    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

    1. Thanks, guys! Feta says that it’s important to work hard to achieve your dreams. In her case, her main dream is to eat all the foods. Fortunately for me, her being so food-motivated makes her a lot easier to train and work with!!! (…as long as I remember to keep the groceries out of her reach!)

  2. Feta is making up for lost time living in that ditch. And you do have an auto-feeder… that would be heaven to a cat who likes to fatten up for lean times. Thanks for sharing these great photos of the live and times of hungry, playful, cuddly, sweet Feta.

    1. Thank you! Yes, I can hardly blame her for being a bit of a scavenger. It must have been hard living on the streets and trying to feed not just herself, but also her kittens! I keep telling her she’s in good hands now, but sometimes she feels the need to take matters into her own paws :p

  3. Whenever I get blue or read sad news, I quickly switch to the FETA NEWS FEED because, by gosh, Feta’s World is ALL HAPPINESS ALL THE TIME!!! My favorite picture is Feta looking out over the city which is clearly her domain! Feta figures out all the evil traps and puzzles that have been placed in her way. Feta indulges her silly housemates by deigning to be seen in BOXES. I mean, what can’t FETA do?!?!? I literally just love the updates. You have a wonderful way with words that are encouraging for us all. Keep the posts and videos coming! We all need good news in this day and age! Best wish, hugs, and PyrPaws all around!

    1. Thank you!! She has brought a lot of joy and entertainment to my home, so I love that we can share it with the world. Fostering Feta (and the feels-like-bazillions of kittens) this year has been tremendously rewarding, and I highly recommend fostering to everyone! Even if you end up with a Tripawd Cheesecat who tries to steal your sandwich meat 😀

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