The Cheesecat Scoots Along

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Not too much new with Feta Cat lately! The gabapentin is doing a great job at reducing her toe-biting, and we’re continuing to do her leg-relaxation therapy.

Every morning we do the same routine.

Step one: Obtain cat, heating pad, and soft blanket. Put blanket on lap, followed by cat. Put heating pad under Gimpy Leg.

“Would you hurry up? I require additional coziness.”

Step 2: Wrap heating pad over Gimpy Leg, taking extra care to cover Super Stiff Hip.

“Getting warmer. Literally. But where is my BLANKET?”

Step 3: Comfortably wrap heating pad-wrapped cat in soft fuzzy cat blanket. Make sure you have a good secure wrap around the neck to act as a head rest, or else cat will be Seriously Displeased.

“Okay, I guess this is satisfactory.”

Step 4: Say admiring things like, “You’re such a good kitty!” and, “You are soooo pretty!” while cat activates Purr, followed by Nap.

“I’m totally awake. I.. um… ….zzZZZzzZZzzz”

After about 20 minutes of this, we commence with her leg-stretching exercises, which she likes SIGNIFICANTLY less. Poor baby. I hate causing her discomfort and pain without truly being able to explain why I’m doing it, but I do think at least on some level she understands that I mean well, since she hasn’t tried to bite or scratch me. (She does periodically put her paw on my hand or face and try to push me away while meowing, though!)

“I guess, in balance, my adopted life is okay.”

When I’m not warming or torturing her, she’s having a lot of fun playing with her toys and being her crazy little weirdo self.



“I smells the catnips! WANTS IT!”


“Ferocious Box Kitty prepares to pounce on…. oh, hey! Did someone leave a kibble here?! SCORE!!!!”

The last picture may or may not include the silly cute flowery collar I bought her because WHY NOT. I think it looks fetching! And, as per usual, she couldn’t care less! 😀

Next on our agenda is getting Feta some more physical therapy – maybe with professional help we can get her leg a little more un-stuck. Eventually this is going to include training her to like (or at least) accept water, so we can try some swimming. Stay tuned!

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5 thoughts on “The Cheesecat Scoots Along”

  1. OMG she’s an adorable little kitty burrito!

    I love that you’re so dedicated to her at-home therapy. It’s not easy but you guys are sticking to it and doing GREAT. Feta is a lucky, lucky kitty.

    Can’t wait to see how the clicker training goes. This will be so educational for all of us!

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